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Anavar: Exceptional for Weight Gain

Posted by Charlie Jackson On August - 12 - 2009

Anavar Exceptional for Weight GainAnavar has a unique ability of interacting with the androgen receptors in target tissue to facilitate weight gain. The synthetic hormone with amazing androgenic and anabolic properties is nothing short of a miracle drug for sportsmen and bodybuilders. It binds well with androgen receptors and has an active life of 4 hours.

The Class I Steroid is also used in the medical world as an adjunctive therapy for weight gain, chronic infections, and severe trauma. Anavar is also indicated by medical professionals for treating patients suffering from bone pain and osteoporosis.

This anabolic steroid has the chemical name of 17ß-hydroxy-17a-methyl-2-oxa-5a-androstan-3-one and molecular formula of C19H30O. It can be administered in oral and injectable form and has a molecular weight of 306.443 g/mol. The recommended dosage of Anavar is 50 mg per day for a maximum period of 6 weeks for men and 20-100 mg per day for women. Its dosage may be increased to 100 mg daily for men, only after qualified medical advice. It is important to note here that if the user of this drug has missed one dosage, he must not take the first dosage with the next one. In short, two doses of Anavar at the same time are never recommended and may prove lethal.

Anavar is required to be kept at a room temperature of 15-30°C (59-86°F) and must always be kept away from children, pets, direct sunlight, moisture, and heat.

The benefits of Anavar are endless if it is used under qualified advice and as per instructions. However, potential users of Anavar should stay away from Anavar abuse. This is because abuse of Anavar can prove dangerous to health and body.

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